2.5kW Solar Installation on My Garage Roof

Taping the wires for the conduit pull.
The conduit is left loose until the wires are pulled.
Cutting the backboard for the inverter and disconnect.
The fun part takes the shortest amount time, unfortunately.
Sharp NE-165U1 Poly panels ($625-$800/ea circa 2003)
clamp detail. clamp detail.
The panels are interconnected.
The first string is done.
The plywood backboard is screwed into studs
and the DC disconnect is mounted.
The second string is laid down and aligned.
The SunnyBoy inverter with its cover off.
The conduit from the array, two positives,
two negatives, and the grounding wire.
The completed array. 18 Panels, 2 strings,
350V nom, 2.5kW peak generation.
Warning and Company stickers.
Final AC Wiring from the outside AC disconnect and breaker box
Pulling the 10 guage from the inverter. The larger wire was chosen
to avoid having to replace the wire in a later system expansion.