2.5kW Solar Installation on My Garage Roof

Ok, what kind of roof is it Hmm
After lots of work with the studfinder it turns out that the roof is being held up by 2x10's piggy backed on the vertical rafters.
Filling in test holes Tile pull-up to set in supports for the V-Line
The supports are anchored to the rafters underneath and sealed with poly-u
A short track allows the supporting allthread to be positioned for V-Line placement.
The tile is drilled and placed back on the roof The V-Line is used to position the all thread supports
Inside the garage opposite the electrical panel The outside electrical panel (sideways photo)
The V-Line is mounted on the all-threads after the drilled tiles are replaced.
The solar panels are preped to ease installation.
The V-Line is grounded.
Conduit to bring the electrical to the inverter
The outside conduit interface (will wind up under the array)
These will clamp the panels in place.
Measuring the amount of wire that will be needed.
Rain-proof and sealed.