Best Internet Communications, Inc. Historical Tour

Certainly, Best has had a colorful, if not well-known, history. Those of us who have been here since the days when handled our incredible dual T1s to Net99 and CIX still want to blink when we look at our current size. Reconciling the original, which handled just about everything, including DNS, web, and mail, with the UNIX servers currently in the computer room is even more difficult. Even more mind-boggling is the phone system, with ACD and all that.

But, unfortunatly, the vast majority of current employees have never experienced the days when all of us answered every type of problem on one phone number: sales, tech support, and billing. Nor have most people ever heard of some of the original machine names, employees, and customers who have made Best what it is today. For this reason, I have thrown together this brief page with some historical glimpses into our dubious past for your pleasure on our second anniversary.

There is so much I can't include here, much of which would have caused laughter or groans from the OGs at Best. But that's ok, it probably would have been a bad idea, anyways.


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